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Become a pro carder today and start making a stable income!
What will you learn in my courses:

  • [+] Introduction to Credit Cards and PayPal accounts.Slangs explanation.
  • [+] Where and how to purchase CVVs, dumpz+PIN, fullz, PayPal accounts securely (Slangs explained).
  • [+] How to secure your computer and how to be secure online.
  • [+] VPN, VPS, SOCKS, Proxies explanation.
  • [+] Where to purchase the best VPN, VPS, SOCKS, Proxies securely and how to set them up.
  • [+] Credit Cards explanation.How do they work online and offline.What to and what not to do.
  • [+] PayPal explanation.How PayPal works.How to not mess things up.What to avoid.
  • [+] Banks/Online banking explanation.How can be useful.What to and what not to do.
  • [+] Offshore companies explanation.How and why can be useful.
  • [+] Creating drop bank accounts anonymously.
  • [+] Creating drop (verified) paypal accounts anonymously.
  • [+] Creating offshore companies anonymously.
  • [+] Making fake web stores.
  • [+] Making fake donation websites.
  • [+] Making fake companies (in real life).How to use them to wash funds.
  • [+] Buying physical items with a drop address and reselling them (terms explained).How and where to resell them.
  • [+] Buying physical items and post-shipping for Bitcoins/Cash (terms explained).
  • [+] Buying digital items and reselling them.How and where to resell them.
  • [+] Other ways to get funds from a Credit Card or a PayPal account (CC/PP to Bank account/Bitcoin/Cash).
  • [+] Failed ideas.Ways that look brilliant but not really work.
  • [+] How to determine if a website is cardable.
  • [+] Ways of washing funds online and offline.
  • [+] Washing bitcoins online and offline.
  • [+] Cloned Credit Cards explanation.
  • [+] The myth of cloned Credit Cards.
  • [+] Skimming explanation.What it is.How it is done.Why and why not try it.What to and what not to do.
  • [+] How to be a skimmer.
  • [+] Where and how to buy skimming equipment and software securely.
  • [+] Conclusion.A final thought.A piece of advice.

  • Requirements:
  • Speaking English.

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